The Food Shuttle has been in operation since March 1989 when a small group of individuals shared a concern that in parts of the community many were going hungry while in other places good excess food was being thrown away. They saw a need and created a solution.

Over the years, Food Shuttle has expanded to encompass most of the Buffalo Niagara region and continues to grow the numbers of drivers, food providers and recipient agencies. (See FACTS page for specifics.) It is important to note that throughout its history Food Shuttle has been and remains today an ALL VOLUNTEER organization. Food Shuttle has no parent or sponsoring agency and no dedicated source of funding. Donations, grants, and service awards are used to pay operating expenses.

An important secondary benefit of the Food Shuttle is the protection of the envionment by eliminating the need to bury this usable food in area landfills.

Food Shuttle is incorporated in the State of New York, has an IRS 501(c)(3) designation, and is non-sectarian.

An Administrative Committee comprised of Officers, Directors, Coordinators, and Support Staff is at the core of the operation and supervises the management of the program. This chart illustrates Food Shuttle's organizational structure. Position titles followed by (D) indicate Directors.

Any of the following can be reached by leaving a message on the Food Shuttle Hot Line at 716-688-2527

Board of Directors (D) & Administrative Committee: 2015 - 2016

                     * * * * * * * * * * *

Co-Presidents (D)    Dave & Cindy Miller
Vice President (D)    Charles Bowman
Treasurer (D)    Mary Ann Rizzo
Recording Secretary (D)    Greg Smith
Corresponding Secretary (D)    Peg Mergenhagen
Attorney (D)    Judith Voit

Task    Coordinator    Assistant(s)
Provider Coordinator (D)    Harold Hazen Ann Marie Bowman
Recipient Coordinator (D)    Priscilla Sedgwick        -----
Amherst Branch (D)    Louise Seereiter    Joan Heine
Amherst calendars    Matt Astridge         ---
Ken-Ton/N. Bflo. Branch (D)    Anne Koberstein    Judy Tutuska  Joan Haubeil
Southtowns Branch(D)    Jim Clohessy         ---
Dispatchers (D)    Barbara Ivancic         ---
Dispatcher Packets (D)    Ann Marie Bowman         ---
PR/Membership (D)    Matt Astridge     Elizatbeth Astridge

Day    Dispatcher
Monday    Joan King
Tuesday    Pat Boje
Wednesday    Dave & Cindy Miller
Thursday    Carol Jauch
Friday    Irene Wilko
Saturday    Ceil Becker
Sunday    Dorothy Fronczek

Directors at Large
Jim Brown
Angela Georgi

Support Staff
Volunteer Roster    Anne Koberstein
Logs    Sue Hahn
Statistics    Joan Winkelman
Historian    Pat Boje
Sunshine    Louise Seereiter
Newsletter    Marie Evans

Help Feed the Hungry. Become a Food Shuttle Volunteer. Call 716-688-2527 for more information.